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2003 Ford F150 "7700" 4x4 Off Road

2003 Ford F150 7700 4x4 Off Road Camper and tow vehicle

The Latest Off Road Wheeler -"Betty" (the Ford)

2003 Ford F150 7700 4X4

An amazing and rare truck- its a F150 with a F250 drivetrain for a heavy 7700 lbs GVRW! All stock with only a tire and shock up grade.

I found this on Craigslist in Rancho Cucmonga 220k miles on the clock for $2500. It was an old California Fish and Game truck (mostly hiway mileage I'm told). Its a BiFuel, with propane tank removed. Technically, a ULEV, now with gas only 5.4 Triton V8, just an LEV.

With a set of 33" (285/75 16 LT) Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ-P3s in Load Range E, this truck goes where I point it.
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The Mighty ZJ

El Cheapo Jeepo #2 - 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4X4 V8

Nick Sharpe's 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ

The Mighty ZJ - my second Grand, this '96 was a one owner vehicle with 170k miles bought, again, in Rancho Cucomonga for $2k cash. Powered by the mighty 318 V8 cleverly disguised as a 5.2 litre, automatic and all wheel drive. The best part is, in '96, Jeep got smart and made the transfer case a "low lock" and the rear dif is 3.73 LSD (Limited Slip Differential). That means instead of having what amounts to a third differential, when you shift into 4 low, the torque split is 50/50. That makes for a very capable and comfortable off road cruiser.


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I Have Owned

Meet "Nessie" '85 Toyota Long Bed 4x4

85 Toyota Pickup Long Bed 22RE 2.4L 4 cyl fuel injected with automatic trans


85 Toyota pickup long bed 4x4 22re auto

Meet "Nessie" my long bed 4 cyl, fuel injected 4x4 with auto trans floor shift and Cressida bucket seats. Like the Loch Ness monster, you've heard of it but never seen it!

Trucks I Have Owned

1982 Dodge Ram D 50 Custom

In the quest for better MPG this 4cyl parts chaser, bike hauler, total creampuff gets better than 25 mpg hiway at 70 mph!! And... IT'S GOTTA HEMI!! (no shit. look it up)
found in SF with 138k miles Oct 07. Drove home to LA, 25 MPG. LUV THIS TRUCK!
(was gonna slam, shave and suede, but... tooo nice! posted jun 08)

Nick Sharpe's 1982 Dodge Ram D50 pickup

my old '84 Toyota LB (USA) - long gone

1984 Toyota Longbed pickup

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